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Related article: 38o Buy Bicalutamide BA1LY S MAGAZINE. [May short circle to the Bicalutamide 50mg Lone Tree, Thorn borough, and returned to the water below Mr. John Har- per's house, where a capital five and twenty minutes was finished. March 17th was marked by an- other excellent gallop from Bier- ton, for after leaving Aylesbury hounds ran well across the Vale by Hardwicke and Creslow to Mr. Guy's Thorns under Oving, where the end came. March 20th found them right out of their country, their fixture being Leap Hill Farm, Brill. Only a few regular stag-hunters patronised them, but those who did were rewarded for their con- stancy by a run extending over an hour and eighteen minutes, the first portion of which to the river Thame at Notley was very fine, but owing to the want of a pilot to the ford the field let hounds slip them and never saw them again until Bicalutamide 150 Mg they had set their stag Bicalutamide 50 Mg at bay at Postcombe, near Tetsworth. March was brought to a Bicalutamide Tablets close by yet two other good gallops, the first from Wingrave Cross Roads on the 27th, when they crossed some of the cream of the country to Dun ton Muresley and Swan- borne, and after testing the severity of the Grandborough district, recaptured their deer between Hoggeston and Mains Hill. The second originated at Fleet Marston, where Mr. John Sanders entertained the field before the deer was enlarged. Going away by Berryfield to Aylesbury, hounds ran well to Broughton and Puttenham, where he was retaken in the canal. April 3rd, Easter Monday, found them at Mentmore Cross Roads, and the deer-van sent on to Wingrave to uncart. There was little scent, yet hounds hunted well for five and fifty minutes, running by Aston Ab- botts and Hoxleys to Wing Old Park, and having nearly reached Liscombe, turned back to Ascoit and Southcourt, where their deer was safely shut up. The concluding day in the regu- lar country came with April 5th, when from Pendley Tring they showed an interesting run in the bill Bicalutamide Price district, finishing at the Museum Tring. The Whaddon Chase.— March 14th was a. brilliant day in the Whaddon country, for meeting at Mr. John White's at Pitchcott, they found at once, and ran by Lionel Gorse to the Bicester ter- ritories, threading Mason's Gorse as they ran on to Waddesdon Cross Roads, ere they swung round to their own country again and lost him at Lionel Gorse. In Mr. J. Guy's Thorns a brace were found, but getting away with one, a short but merry scurry ended with his death at North Marston, while from Winslow Spinneys hounds worked out a Bicalutamide Cost cold hunting run to Creslow. March 18th was also remark- Bicalutamide Msds able for a great run, which ended with blood. The morning had not been very auspicious, but when Shenley Wood was reached a stout fox was found and hounds drove with great determination to Howe Park Wood, threaded it to Water Spinney, and held on as if for Newton Longville. Bearing to the right at the railway, how- ever, the chase went forward merrily to Salden Woods, thread- ed them, and crossing Crab Tree Farm, reached Narberries. Even this stronghold did not tempt their fox to linger, and going away on the Little Horwood side, hounds ran on with College Wood on the right to Nash Brakes and the Furzen Fields coverts. Going straight through to the valley of the Ouse beyond, they ran into their fox near Thornton Hall at 1899.] "OUR VAN. »» 381 the end of about one hour and twenty minutes. . March 28th found Mr. Selby Lowndes at Drayton Potash, from which, with Highhavens as the stereotyped draw, a capital day's sport was worked out, and that in spite of the fact that the staghounds had been over the same country on the previous day, and the Association of Blood- hound Breeders were at that time running off a match in the same district. The first gallop from Mr. Amos' s covert was a fast ring by Littlecot and Dun ton to the Hoggeston Valley, which the bloodhounds had just vacated, a curious incident happening at Highhavens, a vixen being seen leaving the covert with a cub in her mouth. This she dropped, and Bentley being present secured it and sent it to \V had don to be reared. Going away from High- havens again, hounds recrossed the Hoggeston Valley to Swan- borne and Dodlay Hill, where Sturman was obliged to help his hounds, and settling them to work, crossed Mrs. Dauncey's park at Little Horwood to Hollow Hole Farm, finally losing their fox between the Horwoods, his point apparently being College Wood. April 1st saw the curtain ring down on their season at Salden Windmill, from which popular tryst a really hard day's work for hounds was carried out. Their first fox was found at Swan borne Gorse, and going away to Salden, succeeded in running them out of scent beyond Lord Orkney's coverts. From Villiers Gorse hounds ran well by Newton Longville to Bletchley and thence to Howe Park Wood, which covert was threaded as the hunt drove forward over Mr. Clarke's farm by Tattenhoe to Whaddon Thrift. Going back to Howe Park Wood the remainder of the afternoon was worked out in the district, hounds being stopped at dark in Thrift. The Bicester Hounds. — These hounds finished their season from Souldern Gate, the Pest House covert being first drawn at the conclusion of a hunt meeting at the Cartwright Arms, Aynho. Cox found at once, and hounds drove their fox into Aynho Park, killing him near the house, a companion also sharing the same fate before hounds got settled to the line of a traveller, and the chase swept merrily on by Frit-